Texada, a musical vision crafted by Vancouver born Producer/Writer/Instrumentalist Hayley McLean. A mix of original styles that infuse elements of transient pop, smooth hypnotizing vocals and what she is known best for, a soulful virtuoso guitar prowess.

Following The Texada ‘Blue’ release in February of 2016 release, the track “All My Life” made it’s way onto both Canadian and US Spotify viral charts earning it over 2.8 million streams. The self made video for Walking on the Moon was another creation of Hayley’s talents. A video completely self shot and edited using an iPhone shows yet another side of this creative talent.

Over the past year Hayley has been building and performing with a custom live rig that allows her to bring the Texada project to life through a system of looping, keyboards, acoustic drums, and guitar virtuosity to create an engaging and diverse musical spectacle.